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One More Story

November 7, 2008

(Banner by Meaghan Britain)

Okay, now we’re almost at the summit of our attempt to scale Mt. Multimedia. We started with digital imaging, moved on to digital photography, storyboarding with text and stills, then entered the world of audio and motion with our digital stories. Ahead we have the video project which will be our most sophisticated production yet. (And waiting around the corning is building your personal website, which will tap all of your newly acquired skills, knowledge and sensibilities).

So a video project requires that all-important ingredient for production — an idea. More specifically, it requires a story. That’s the non-technical, artistic side of any kind of production work. We have made some progress in this area. In fact, many of you have demonstrated a strong grasp of it with your digital stories (which I’m enjoying). You have one more chance in this class to hit on something solid.

Your blog assignment is to write a 1 – 3 paragraph concept summary of an idea you’re considering shooting for your video project. Be sure to use language to really sell the idea. Follow these instructions:

1) Write your piece so that it’s Third Person POV (no “my,” “I” sentences).

2) Start the piece with a high level, thematic statement (“One thing people all never seem to have enough of is time.” “Human beings are born with an innate fear of darkness.”)

3) Say how this will be a story told, and describe a little bit about the flow of the piece.

4) Give us a couple good details that really help the reader visualize some important scenes in the piece.

As always, contact me if you’re confused or want to try out some ideas. if you’re having trouble getting started, here are some suggestions:

1) Retell a myth, fairy tale, legend (even an urban legend) or joke. All of those things usually have built-in story shape.

2) Think of a story that uses these familiar themes/devices: fish out of water (the struggles of a person who is out of his/her element); the quest or journey; the odd couple (people who see the world differently suddenly thrown together); stranded (people reacting to being stuck somewhere); revenge (someone wronged looking for satisfaction).

3) Remember: You can always do a news-style story, or a non-fiction profile of person, place, event, etc.

Good luck. I look forward to seeing your ideas.